Peter J. Hurst.

Peter J. Hurst.



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Help provide safe refuge to horses scared and confused when disaster strikes.
Click here for evac safe farms form does not store colostrum. allows horse owners and breeders to contact each other when they are in need or have colostrum and nurse mares available.

Cyberfoal does not support the taking of mares from thier own foals to accommodate others.

Since 1997….. has become a major connection for horse breeders in North America.

Free use to is made available by private sponsorship. was created by Peter J. Hurst. Horse breeder retired.

Please make a logical decision when accepting a mare or safe refuge from an unknown source. does not support the Canadian Government’s approval to the every day abuse and inhumane actions given to Horses for slaughter. Including those being exported  daily to Japan.



The creator and sponsor cannot be held responsible for any bad character or bad intention experienced by those using this voluntary service.

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